I work delivering products from 0 to 1, considering both user needs and business goals. As a design leader my approach involves improving efficiency in work processes, setting a strong design culture and enabling effective design participation in product strategy.

Shaping solution

1. Prioritize the problem, defining what is next in alignment with the product roadmap
2. Refine the problem, defining key elements of a solutions, validate assumptions and shape solutions on an abstract level, mapping out constraints and testing it to refine.


3. Design the solution, designing, prototyping and testing the solution
4. Build the solution, working with product defining user stories in reasonable sizes with a clear outcome
5. Release, ensuring quality of deliverables and enabling final deployment
Stakeholder management
Ethnographic research
User interviews
Service blueprints
User journey maps
Storyboarding & illustrations
Facilitation(workshops, retros etc)                   
User flows
Concept sketches
Wireframes & mockups
Design system
UI graphics

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